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At OMX, we provide freight rework services to reorganize, restack and repalletize your damaged or disorganized shipments. With our close proximity to I-95, the port of Baltimore and BWI airport, our warehouse is the ideal pit stop for freight shipments arriving or departing the area. Our crew of warehouse specialists will quickly get to work reorganizing and repalletizing your load with little to no advanced notice, to get you back on the road within a couple of hours. 

Pallet Restacking

Carefully rearranging, restacking, and repositioning the items to ensure secure and safe transportation, especially for shifted loads.

Replacement & Reinforcement

Replace damaged containers with sturdy alternatives and add protective materials like bubble wrap, foam, or corrugated inserts.


Transferring cargo from a compromised trailer to an alternate transport for prompt delivery or temporary storage.

temporary storage

Offering flexible, short-term storage solutions until your items are ready to continue on to their next destination. 

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